Sailpost and Azimut Direct: Euro 5 million for the growth of the company

Thanks to Azimut Direct, Sailpost S.p.A. obtained a 5-million-euro direct lending for the growth of the company. Sailpost is a postal and logistic company which has been active for over 20 years, the main alternative to the traditional business managed by Poste Italiane. 

"Azimut Direct represents the new way to bring financing to SMEs through a "short supply chain" approach. Our activity is defined "alternative finance" which today serves the companies through fintech platforms. We use an hybrid model with a strong "tech" focus on the analysis part and a personal and qualitative approach to the relationship with clients, set on long-term. It means a constant dialogue with the company, and a strong coordination and teamwork with the Azimut financial advisors network. Those are key elements for a professional and quality service, to support the growth of outstanding companies such as Sailpost" our Managing Director Antonio Chicca outlines.

Riccardo Maffiuletti, Managing Director of Azimut Capital Management Sgr Area 5, adds: “We are particularly proud of the Sailpost transaction, which was possible thanks to the strong synergy between Azimut Direct e Carlo Gaggioli, our wealth manager in Tuscany. I am sure it will be followed by many important collaborations to support the best players in this area, and contribute to the growth of the Italian private market".