Our background

Azimut Direct SpA is the result of the agreement between Azimut Group and Epic SIM, the first fintech platform dedicated to real economy, created in 2014 to form a bridge between SMEs and professional investors.​​

Azimut Direct is part of the Azimut Group's “New Financing” project. We are unique in Italy: the strength of a large asset manager combined with the specialization of a sound, fast-growing fintech company, in order to bring financial resources to Italian companies through a short supply chain.

Azimut Direct meets the long-term financial needs of Italian companies via consulting and structuring of debt and equity instruments to raise capital from qualified investors.

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Gabriele Blei

Vice President
Alessandro Zambotti

Chief Executive Officer
Andrea Crovetto​

Board members
Guido Ferrarini
Giorgio Medda
Mattia Sterbizzi