Minibonds Scorecard: data as of 30.09.2022

The Italian minibond market is growing strongly even in 3Q2022: according to information available at the moment, 65 minibonds were issued during the quarter, for a total amount of EUR 433M. 

New issues during the third quarter show the following average values:

  • Size: EUR 6.8M;
  • Coupon: 5.32%;
  • Expiration: 5.3 years.

A particular trend is that of Green bonds - bonds used to finance projects related to environmental sustainability, including, for example, renewable energy, sustainable use of resources, development of zero-emission industrial processes, electric mobility, green building, and the circular economy. In fact, in 2022 we saw 41 green bond issues on the minibond market, for a total amount of EUR 200M, which show an increase vs full year 2021 (25 issues for a total of EUR 171.6M).


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