Azimut and Epic launch Azimut Direct

Azimut and Epic launch Azimut Direct to create a new fintech venture dedicated to the real economy. The completion of the transaction, which will be subject to the approval of the supervisory authorities, is expected in the first half of 2021.

Azimut Direct aims to support the growth and development of Italian SMEs, through a joint action of consulting, structuring and placement of alternative finance instruments with institutional and qualified private investors. Azimut Direct will be a marketplace for the real economy serving Italian SMEs to meet extraordinary finance needs, operating in the field of credit mediation and securities-based crowdfunding reserved for qualified investors.

This task requires method, specialization and quick responses”, stresses Andrea Crovetto, CEO of Epic: “in Italy we have over EUR 3 trillion of private managed assets that will increase its share of investments in the real economy, also thanks to technologies and professionals who follow the best investment analysis standards. The strong growth figures for 2020 confirm the maturity of Italian fintech, cooperating well with the world of traditional finance, and guaranteeing immediate and simple solutions. The strategic partnership between Azimut and Epic fits right into this context.


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